Can Clos: A Space for Creativity and Cultural Exchange

Can Clos was born with the aim of becoming a space for creation, research, and the dissemination of contemporary culture, where visual arts, literature, philosophy, gastronomy, cinema, music, performing arts, and various activities interconnect.

The activities hosted in this space strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • Encourage artistic research and production.
  • Contribute to the promotion of creators.
  • Foster international mobility for artists and other cultural professionals.
  • Initiate cultural exchanges between Catalonia and other countries.
  • Promote tourism in the Ter-Brugent area.
  • Create a living collection that grows each year with new contributions from invited artists, uniquely gathering works created in the same space.
  • Conduct workshops, artist residencies in different disciplines, symposiums, etc.
  • Host various cultural events such as film screenings, theater performances, music shows to nurture artistic vocations.
  • Arrange studio visits for conversations with creators.
  • Organize debate sessions, discussions.
  • Share knowledge about local history.
  • Conduct workshops on traditional crafts and eco-culture.

To promote artistic production, we have various spaces where works can be created, both in public view and in absolute privacy. Over the past 15 years, we have built a network of contacts that allows us to organize activities beyond our center, facilitating the promotion of creators.

Our clear objective is to foster exchange with other countries to mutually enrich ourselves and broaden our knowledge and relationships. Currently, we engage in activities with Poland, Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, and continuously establish connections with entities and associations from other countries sharing similar objectives.

Education is also a cornerstone at Can Clos. We have planned various workshops to contribute to the training of local creative entrepreneurs and the development of a professional network in the cultural sphere.

We are open to proposals for activities from other associations, entities, professionals, and individuals. Send us your initiatives to

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