Brazilian Fair at Can Clos

We are at a loss for words to express our gratitude to everyone for an unforgettable day at Can Clos. Thanks to the numerous audience that created a fantastic atmosphere and to the organizations and artists who collaborated.

A special thank you to Mr. Edgard Cabral, Vice Consul of Brazil, for his presence and collaboration.

We extend our gratitude to NAMINA Natàlia Miró do Nascimento, Xevi Matamala, and Pepo Domènech for the outstanding concert.

A big thank you to The Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast, Mdc Suingue, and Kika Serra for the music sessions.

Thanks to Ateliê Giramundo – Arte e Educação, Lafayette Giramundo, and Luana Araujo for the space and workshop dedicated to the little ones – they had a great time.

Our appreciation goes to the artists participating in the Contemporary Art exhibition: Clarissa Cestari, Michelle Soares, Arthur H Souza, Igor Moreira, Leopoldo Wolf Luca Benites.

Special thanks to Josep Rovira Carles for making the space look incredible, to Manel Bielsa Martin for being a great host while capturing fantastic photographs, to Susanna Muntane, Maria Rosa Farres, and Jordi Guasch for their collaboration, to Francis de Can Quer for preparing an exquisite Brazilian dish, to Nery Martinez for the visuals, and above all, to each and every attendee of this event.

These occasions give meaning to all the effort and work put into organizing activities.”


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